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So whose birthday is it anyway?

Bishop Fred Henry

December 5, 2011

An eight-year-old boy named Jason lived in the land of puzzling tales where the unexpected always happened.

Instead of football, they played knee-ball; instead of children going to school, the teachers went to homes. In the summer, it was not uncommon to see the water freeze; in the winter, leaves grew on the trees. It was a strange place.

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Why does the Creed not mention belief in the Eucharist

Sr. Louise Zdunich

December 5, 2011

In the Apostles Creed, why is the Holy Eucharist not mentioned? Or is it understood to be in the "holy Catholic Church" or the "the Communion of saints"?

I would think it would be more specific as is the sacrament of reconciliation in "the forgiveness of sin."

Was this creed written by the Apostles?

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No one needs to spend Christmas alone

Lasha Morningstar

December 5, 2011


Christmas comes with its predictable colours – red and green for the conventional secular world and purple and pink – the hues of Advent – for the Christian world.

But for some of us, another colour creeps into this season – blue.

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Religious liberty threatened both by tyrants and in the lands of the free

Fr. Raymond de Souza

December 5, 2010

Last month the bishops of the United States gathered in Baltimore, their premier diocese, and protested the erosion of the founding liberties of the American republic. In their annual plenary meeting the bishops designated threats to religious liberty as a key pastoral concern.

The American bishops are right to be alarmed, but not only them. Religious liberty is under threat all over the world.

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God bless us everyone, says Tiny Tim

Mark Pickup

December 5, 2011

Christmas is my favourite time of the year. I love everything about it including the smallest details and traditions commonly associated with the season.

Throughout the last half of November my wife resisted my requests to put up the Christmas tree. She reminded me that it takes up too much space in the living room for my electric wheelchair to manoeuvre easily. She was right. The Christmas tree stayed in the basement until Dec. 1.

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Celebrate the virtue of each Advent week

Ralph Himsl

November 28, 2011
Second Sunday in Advent
December 4,2011

Some traditions assign particular, how shall I say – virtues to each Sunday in Advent: hope, peace, joy, love for each of the first to the fourth respectively.

Memory tells me that we mark the Third Sunday of Advent as Gaudete Sunday, quite in line with the tradition. As Catholics, we have a leaning toward historical roots that prefer Latin for an idea when we wish to assign it a special elegance. So we refer to the Third Sunday of Advent as Gaudete Sunday, always with the explanation, "Gaudete means rejoice".

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Priest shortage leads students to plan retreat

April 11, 2011

Lloydminster – It was a warm summer day when my family and I pulled up to a small, welcoming church near a lake in southeast Saskatchewan. As we found a pew and took our seats, I wondered who the priest would be.

Three minutes later, as the procession made its way up the aisle, I did not see the priest.

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God steers a sad mind to the RCIA harbour

April 4, 2011

Kenna McKinnon was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in 1978. She became ill three years earlier than that, unmedicated but counselled by people whom she only recently has grown to appreciate for their patience and care.

"I searched for God and he was the masthead on my battered vessel. He was the compass, but it would be many years before I found my salvation, searching in many various guises for the "perfect" Church.

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Seek out moments of joy to ease the pain

Lisa Persche

December 20, 2010

Many people are filled with joyful anticipation and festive good cheer at this time of the year. But some are filled with anxiety and dread, and wish to get the holidays over with as quickly and uneventfully as possible. more . . .

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In our lives, there is no room at the inn

Fr. Ron Rolheiser, omi

December 22, 2003

Christmas is like a well-cut diamond. Every time you turn it in the sun it gives off a different sparkle. It has many meanings.

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