Catholic doctors stand against euthanasia

May 2, 2016

On behalf of the Calgary Catholic Medical Association and St. Luke's Catholic Physicians' Guild of Edmonton, we would like to extend this letter in support of the Catholic Bishops of Alberta and their strong stand against euthanasia and assisted suicide. Catholic physicians affirm with them that killing is not part of medicine. Catholic physicians affirm with them that killing is not part of medicine.

Self-righteousness hides sin of social injustice

May 2, 2016

I am discouraged that many Catholics, including our bishops, are only now expressing their concerns regarding two important moral issues - gender identity and euthanasia. What concerns me is that the bishops, Christian communities and the provincial government are fixated on these two issues in isolation. What concerns me is that the bishops, Christian communities and the provincial government are fixated on these two issues in isolation. These issues do not exist in a vacuum; they exist precisely because we as Christians and as citizens refuse to acknowledge the larger issue of social justice.

New parishes formed by people helping people

May 2, 2016

The miracle stories of the Gospels tell about what the risen Jesus does for those who believe in him. What happened recently in the parish communities of St. Theresa and Corpus Christi is a continuation of the missions left with us by Christ's death and resurrection. Fathers Bill Irwin and Don MacDonald were compliant missionaries - teaching, catechizing in community halls and school gymnasiums in Mill Woods, a new part of Edmonton.

LGBTQ guidelines violate human rights

March 21, 2016

The reason the Fort Vermilion Public School Trustees have rebuffed the minister of education's LGBTQ policy is that, in sharp contrast to other public school trustees, they have let their parents know the details of Eggen's Guidelines for Best Practice. These can be found online at https://education.alberta.ca/media/1626737/91383-attachment-1-guidelines-final.pdf

Atheists can help in cause of justice

March 21, 2016

An atheist is a person who does not believe in God. An agnostic is one who holds the view that God is unknown, probably unknowable. In his 1974 book The Desert is Fertile, Archbishop Don Helder Camara of Olinda and Recife in northeast Brazil mentions two kinds of atheists. One does not believe in God, has no need, neither in thoughts or actions.

Indian priest seeks help in ministry to homeless

March 21, 2016

I am a Catholic missionary priest working among the poor and homeless people in Kerala. I am delivering food, shelter and hopes to the poorest of my poor people. I request your good readers to send me their help by way of a Mass stipend, donation and religious articles.

Lavoie courageous in sharing his story

March 7, 2016

Re. "Lavoie shares story of boiling anger against his father" (WCR, Feb. 8). A harsh title for what is truly a love story as one reads to the end. Having worked in grief counselling for many years, this is a common thread that runs through many "father/son" and "mother/daughter" relationships.

Catholic schools filled with 'paper Catholics'

March 7, 2016

Why the surprise that a Catholic school board should be at odds with bishops of the Church? There is a cancer that has been eating away at our Catholic schools for decades, and is on its way to being terminal.

Ursulines stop to reflect on Word made flesh

March 7, 2016

Re: "How Catholics Pray" (WCR, Feb. 22). Thandiwe Konguavi captured very beautifully the heart of our conversation. However, I missed a significant link in the conversation. Tandi writes: "Because of the congregation's incarnational charism - recognizing God present in people and circumstances and events . . .".

Church must include those with ambiguous sexuality

February 22, 2016

I would like to respond to the three public letters from some of our bishops sent to Catholic school trustees and the Catholics of Alberta in relation to the Department of Education bulletin on school board policy on the question of student gender and school practices. Bishop Henry, Archbishop Smith and Bishop Terrio all make reference to the Catholic position that God created humankind male and female. I am, however, concerned that there does not seem to be any consideration given to those human beings who are born with an ambiguous sexuality.