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Take great care in choosing friends

Lasha Morningstar

July 1, 2013

Define friend. Stops one in their tracks, doesn't it, if you are really serious about giving a heart-felt answer.

Provincial cuts keep disabled housebound

Mark Pickup

July 1, 2013

The provincial government is going to cut home support services to people with disabilities. Why? The obvious answer is to reduce expenditures in a time of lower government revenues.

Hunger rampages throughout the world

July 1, 2013

Prairie farmers eagerly anticipate getting their crops into the ground each spring. A late spring this year dampened that enthusiasm somewhat, but fair weather has now enabled most of the crops to be planted in this part of the world. Farmers depend on their crops for their livelihood, and the world depends on a good crop for part of its food supply.

Raging flood destroys homes

Dr. Gerry Turcotte

July 1, 2013

Over 250 flood narratives have been found spanning virtually every culture on earth, from the Sumerians to the Aztecs, and they testify to a global phenomenon unlike any other that has since visited our planet. Stories of raging waters have a strange power that tap into this primordial occurrence which underpins our collective psyche.

Pope Francis leads us by walking with the poor

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June 24, 2013

When Pope John Paul II first called for a New Evangelization 30 years ago, it did not rank high on the Richter scale. Over the ensuing years, he spoke increasingly of the need for new methods of bringing the Gospel to formerly Christian countries. He also called for greater zeal and new ways to express eternal truths.

Do we die with a hard heart or a soft soul?

Fr. Ron Rolheiser, omi

June 24, 2013

Several years ago, at a conference that I attended, the keynote speaker challenged his audience in this way: All of us are members of various communities: we live in families, are part of Church congregations, have colleagues with whom we work, have a circle of friends and are part of a larger civic community.

Shake off the bonds of spiritual slavery

John Connelly

June 24, 2013
13th Sunday in Ordinary Time
June 30, 2013

Jesus calls each of us to a profound interior freedom that is not of this world. It is a freedom that sees through the empty promises of fame, wealth, power and worldly wisdom. It is a freedom that no political system and no human force can take away. It is the freedom of divine love and mercy.

Ethics play a part in our everyday lives

Gordon Self

June 24, 2013

At a conference last year I tried to take to heart plenary speaker Sister Helen Prejean's words of challenge. I say, "try" as I wondered if I would have the same spirit of compassion and forgiveness under the same circumstances she witnessed.

When love turns to tolerance, it may open the devil's door

Fr. Robert Barron

June 24, 2013

Some years ago, The New Yorker ran a cartoon that perfectly lampooned the loopy ideology of "inclusion" that has come to characterize so much of the Christian world.

Christian conscience calls on us to raise voices on civic issues

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June 17, 2013

Already the drumbeats of the October civic election are thumping throughout the media. A new mayor for sure. And new councillors too, depending on retirements, resignations, being bounced out at the polls. Feeling the nudge of responsibility yet?