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Papal encyclical calls the faithful to new form of heroism

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July 15, 2013

With its focus on increased economic production and utilitarian thinking, the modern age has shuffled virtues such as heroism and courage into the back seat. The heroism we do honour tends to be more of the ephemeral variety - "Man rescues baby from burning house" - than a fixed feature of one's character.

Addiction to comfort hinders fulfilling our vocations

Fr. Ron Rolheiser, omi

July 15, 2013

Fifty years ago, Kay Cronin, wrote a book entitled, Cross in the Wilderness, chronicling how, in 1847, a small band of Oblate missionaries came from France to the American Pacific Northwest and, after some bitter setbacks in Washington State and Oregon, moved up the coast into Canada and helped found the Roman Catholic Church in Vancouver and in significant parts of British Columbia's mainland.

Prayer represents 'the better part'

Maria Kozakiewicz

July 15, 2013
16th Sunday in Ordinary Time
July 21, 2013

When my prayer life comes to a standstill and dryness overcomes my soul, I turn to an old prayerbook I brought to Canada over 20 years ago. The book is old and small, leather-bound with yellowed, thin pages, some of them falling out, others already missing and several sticking together so much that I have to separate them with pincers.

Keeping Catholic schools morally pure opens up many questions

July 15, 2013

Catholic parents in Ottawa do not want federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau speaking in Catholic schools because of his support for legal abortion and same-sex marriage, two phenomena in our society that are directly opposed to Catholic teaching.

Zombies swarm the walls of Jerusalem

Fr. Robert Barron

July 15, 2013

There were a number of reasons why I liked World War Z, the film based on Max Brooks' book of the same name. First, it was a competently made thriller and not simply a stringing together of whiz-bang CGI effects.

Are you the person you want to be?

Joe Gunn

July 15, 2013

Do you live an ethical life? Most of us would certainly answer "yes" right away. We'd like to think that we have fine values and that we always make good decisions to act in the world based upon these.

Disaster calls forth the human desire to help others

Lasha Morningstar

July 15, 2013

Massive disaster slipped by our province in recent times. Then the tornado tore its murderous path through Edmonton in 1987. After that, the Pine Lake tornado ripped through a campground in 2000. Now flood waters have rampaged through southern Alberta drowning homes, towns, livelihoods, wildlife, people, landscapes, infrastructure, farm animals . . . and more.

Troubling signs overshadow Canada Day celebrations

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July 1, 2013

Is the glass half-empty or half-full? It's the question Canadians need to ask on every Canada Day. Our country offers so much for which to be grateful – abundant freedom, an extremely high standard of living, a relatively strong social safety net and a desire of many to strengthen the common good.

It's off to work we go, and go, and go and miss out on life

Fr. Ron Rolheiser, omi

July 1, 2013

There are dangers in overwork, no matter how good the work and no matter how noble the motivation for doing it. Spiritual guides, beginning with Jesus, have always warned of the dangers of becoming too taken up in our work.

Joy abounds when one serves the Lord

Ralph Himsl

July 1, 2013
14th Sunday in Ordinary Time
July 7, 2013

The readings and the Psalm for July 7, the 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time, have a noticeably common characteristic – such that it wakened wonder, "This bears looking into."