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When love turns to tolerance, it may open the devil's door

Fr. Robert Barron

June 24, 2013

Some years ago, The New Yorker ran a cartoon that perfectly lampooned the loopy ideology of "inclusion" that has come to characterize so much of the Christian world.

Christian conscience calls on us to raise voices on civic issues

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June 17, 2013

Already the drumbeats of the October civic election are thumping throughout the media. A new mayor for sure. And new councillors too, depending on retirements, resignations, being bounced out at the polls. Feeling the nudge of responsibility yet?

Greeley gave reasons for the hope that is within us

Fr. Ron Rolheiser, omi

June 17, 2013

As a young seminarian in the late 1960s, I was very taken by the writings of Andrew Greeley, a priest in Chicago, who was churning out books on popular spirituality. I found his approach wonderfully refreshing because, at least to my mind, he dealt with our perennial religious struggles in a way that was both more realistic and more hope-filled than most of the religious literature to which I had then been exposed.

Who do you say that Jesus is?

Kathleen Giffin

June 17, 2013
12th Sunday in Ordinary Time
June 23, 2013

Many years ago, a relative whom I had only once met went through a time of great difficulty. The situation I was in at that time was such that I had the opportunity to reach out with some concrete help.

Morgentaler's legacy lives on for society to tend and heal

Mark Pickup

June 17, 2013

When I heard that Henry Morgentaler had died, my initial response was a hope that he experienced a deathbed conversion.

Is evangelization a matter of numbers or hearing footsteps?

Fr. Raymond de Souza

June 17, 2013

A year ago I visited the Diocese of Whitehorse, heading north to the Yukon for the first time. Last week, the bishop of Whitehorse – which comprises all of the Yukon and a little of northern British Columbia – returned the visit as it were, preaching the priests' retreat for the Archdiocese of Kingston, here in the Thousand Islands.

Edmonton targets poverty's root cause

Bob McKeon

June 17, 2013

Several months ago, I was invited to join the steering committee for the Edmonton Poverty Reduction Initiative. This city committee is composed of leaders from different sectors of society including city council, business, front-line social agencies, health, education, labour and different orders of government. I am there as a "faith sector" representative.

Saint John's Bible portrays the value of beauty and the sacred

Dr. Gerry Turcotte

June 17, 2013

In an article entitled "Art and the Beauty of Faith," Father Raymond de Souza references the writings of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who before he became pope wrote that there were "two compelling 'arguments'" for the Church's faith being true – the first was the lives of the saints and their living "Christian witness"; and the second was the art that [the Church] has nurtured in her midst."

Pope Francis shows how to respond to God's presence

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June 10, 2013

In but a few days, it will have been three months since Pope Francis was elected to serve as supreme pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church or, as he prefers to be known, the bishop of Rome. Every day, it seems, brings new evidence of the wisdom of the College of Cardinals who, without in any way deprecating the holiness and wisdom of Pope Benedict XVI, chose a very different man to be the public face of Catholicism.

Hurry, scurry right past what is truly important in life

Fr. Ron Rolheiser, omi

June 10, 2013

Haste is our enemy. It puts us under stress, raises our blood pressure, makes us impatient, renders us more vulnerable to accidents and, most seriously, blinds us to the needs of others. Haste is normally not a virtue, irrespective of the goodness of the thing towards which we are hurrying.