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Fragility of life comes home to roost

Lasha Morningstar

May 6, 2013

The fragility of life broke through the turmoil of our everyday lives when Boston Marathon bombs unleashed their cowardly indiscriminate destruction.

Altar and ambo draw the faithful into a sacramental vision

Dr. Gerry Turcotte

May 6, 2013

I must confess that I haven't spent a great deal of time thinking about the principles behind altars and ambos. My first conscious consideration of altars came when I was struggling to understand homophones – words that sound the same but have different spellings.

12 Articles of the Creed: Week ELEVEN

May 6, 2013

Do I believe in Life Everlasting?

Dialogue – a courageous journey that strengthens faith

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April 29, 2013

Anyone who spends much time reading the teachings of the Second Vatican Council cannot help but notice the repeated use of the word "dialogue." Catholics are called to dialogue with other Christians, non-Christians, atheists and the modern world. Dialogue is a feature that ought to exist, not only between Catholics and those outside the Church, but within the Church itself.

Stop circling the wagons and embrace the would be enemies

Fr. Ron Rolheiser, omi

April 29, 2013

Today, among many of us churchgoers, there is growing-propensity to self-protect rather than risk crucifixion for the world. We are well-intentioned in this, but, good intentions notwithstanding, our actions are the opposite of Jesus. He loved the world enough to let himself be crucified rather than self-protect.

Contemplation will give birth to great renewal in the Church

John Connelly

April 29, 2013
Sixth Sunday of Easter
May 5, 2013

Every breath we take is a gift from God. God breathes his life into you and me right now. God sustains us and loves us moment by moment.

Great throng of saints find hope at throne of the lamb

Mark Pickup

April 29, 2013

The Second Reading for Mass on April 21 was from Revelation chapter 7. In John's divine vision, he sees a great multitude of martyrs dressed in white standing before the throne of the Lamb (Christ).

Decisions must stand ethical scrutiny over the long term

Gordon Self

April 29, 2013

I have spent a lot of free evenings and weekends lately on kitchen renovations. It is rewarding to use my hands to create something new.

12 Articles of the Creed: Week TEN

April 29, 2013

Do I Believe in the Forgiveness of Sins?

True global Church requires strong dose of collegiality

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April 22, 2013

The election of Argentina's Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Pope Francis has been hailed as a belated acknowledgement that the Roman Catholic Church is a global Church. But is it? Does the fact that the pope now hails from Argentina – and spent virtually his entire life in that country – mean the Church now has a more global outlook than under the papacies of those who came from Germany, Poland or Italy?

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