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Be a lighthouse of hope in turbulent times

John Connelly

September 14, 2015
Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time
September 20, 2015

How would you and I respond if our financial system suddenly collapsed? I think all of us are aware there is always a possibility the greed and corruption in our world could eventually wreak havoc on our civilization. I am not writing this as a prediction but as an exercise for us to put things in biblical perspective. Jesus was clear: We cannot serve both God and money.

Ouellet's theology demands Church transform pastoral practice

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September 14, 2015

Cardinal Marc Ouellet hits the nail on the head when he states, "Eucharistic communion . . . is an objective sign that sacramentally expresses personal union with Christ" (Page 11). When that personal union is broken, such as through divorce and remarriage without an annulment, he implies, the second marriage is a countersign that undermines the Church's "missionary dimension."

Party leaders fail to deal with reality

Bishop Fred Henry

September 14, 2015

Despite the great recent excitement about the success of the Toronto Blue Jays, I want to focus on and apply something once said by Casey Stengel. Stengel was a longtime major league New York Yankee (and Mets) Hall of Fame baseball manager whose unique way with the English language became known as "Stengelese."

Commandments make for a better world

Lydia Cristini

September 14, 2015
Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time
September 27, 2015

Most of the time, the precepts of the Lord don't give joy to my heart. I realize this is because I'm not holy enough. I suspect someone whose heart and will are truly united to Christ's really does experience joy when thinking about God's law. I am not one of those people.

Church has role in defining political values

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September 14, 2015

It may be, as Regina political scientist Ann Ward states (Page 5), that Church influence over the decisions their members make at the ballot box is declining. In one respect, this is a good thing. Direct Church entanglement in politics, with pastors telling parishioners how to cast their ballot, is rarely beneficial for either the Church or democracy.

Autumn's tapestry ushers in a season of rest and hope

Lasha Morningstar

September 14, 2015

A tawny golden leaf fluttered to my feet. I looked at the tree and said to it, "Are you kidding?" She wasn't. As if to make the case fall is here, summer is blessing us with her last roses, the perennials are having their final hurrah and the grass does not need to be cut each week. Now golden leaves dot the lawn. Only a few at first. Then more and more. So I get out my rake and gather them all up as if that would delay fall.

Life's failures can open creative doors

Dr. Gerry Turcotte

September 14, 2015

Recently, at a workshop for university presidents, one of my colleagues noted that at times he felt everyone was too afraid of failure. He challenged us to embrace failure - to give it a try, in order to understand its potential as a learning moment. The example he gave was trying to teach a young child how to do math. He told the child to imagine he had 36 donuts and to divide them into two lines.

Desperate refugees illustrate breakdown of global social order

Douglas Roche

September 14, 2015

Conflict and persecution have forced 60 million people - more than at any other time in recorded history - to flee their homes and seek refuge and safety elsewhere. If refugees were the population of a country, it would be the world's 24th largest country. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres, said, "It is terrifying that . . . there is a seemingly utter inability of the international community to work together to stop wars and build and preserve peace."

Discerning signs of the times for voters

Bob McKeon

September 14, 2015

The federal election is now well underway. We regularly hear party leaders and local candidates asking for our vote. The phrase "discerning the signs of the times," introduced by Pope John XXIII is apt here. What are the urgent issues of our day that the Spirit is calling us to speak to and act upon? One practical way we can do this is through participation and casting our ballot in the current federal election.

Political parties do evasive two-step dance on environment

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August 31,2015

Alberta's new NDP government is under pressure to bend its stated support for a healthier environment in order to allow continued unrelenting development and sale of the people's petroleum resources. This pressure, by all appearances, is the rationale for dialogue between government and the oil industry. Dialogue is essential if Alberta is to be a place of harmony and prosperity. Yet the goal of dialogue, if Pope Francis is to be taken seriously, should be to move toward new economic approaches which respect human life, the earth and future generations.