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Catholics can make the difference for Development & Peace

Bob McKeon

April 23, 2012

In recent weeks, we have learned about the 70 per cent cut by the federal government in Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) funding for the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (CCODP) in the WCR and in other media.

We are a standing people on the side of God

Fr. Ayodele Ayeni CsSP

April 23, 2012

How does one show respect in contemporary Western societies? "Western societies" here refers beyond the Western Hemisphere to include those societies in the Global South that imitate the West and/or use the Roman rites.

How can the deacon's role be better understood?

Sr. Louise Zdunich

April 23, 2012

Regarding your recent columns on blessings (WCR, Feb. 6, March 12), you might want to provide further clarification. You should emphasize that a deacon, and not only a priest, "blesses as the official representative of the Church and so blesses in the name of the church and not in his own name" and uses the Church's official ritual.

Let the people decide where gov't overseas dollars go

WCR Logo

April 9, 2012

One reason Canadians took pride in their nation in recent decades was Canada's assistance to the poorest people in the world's poorest nations to improve their own living conditions. This commitment was expressed not only through the donations of tens of millions of dollars by individuals, but also by our governments' matching of the donations that individuals made to non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Each of us will face the moment of being a stone's throw away

Fr. Ron Rolheiser, omi

April 9, 2012

Truth finds us in different ways. Sometimes we learn what something means, not in a classroom but in a hospital.

Jesus wants whole world to know his mercy

Maria Kozakiewicz

April 9, 2012
Second Sunday of Easter
April 15, 2012

The Second Sunday of Easter is celebrated as the feast of Divine Mercy. There is a natural logic of the placement of that feast in the liturgical calendar – what greater mercy could God show than by what transpired on the Great Night of Easter?

Moments of Silence highlight liturgies during Holy Week

Fr. Raymond de Souza

April 9, 2012

Holy Week is not a particularly tranquil time for a priest. In the midst of all the activity, I find Good Friday is the most resonant.

Quebec's call for legalized euthanasia erodes public trust

April 9, 2012

A Quebec legislative committee's call for legalized euthanasia might be a grave danger to Canada's health care system. Its immediate and unquestionable menace, however, is the damage it does to democracy.

Government slammed for overseas aid cuts

Joe Gunn

April 9, 2012

I admit I was wrong. I couldn't imagine it would happen. Why would the federal government decimate the budget of the official overseas aid agency of the country's largest religious constituency, at the same time as Conservative Party leaders were availing themselves of every opportunity to ingratiate themselves to Catholic voters?

Public rallies for MS mother threatened with losing children

Mark Pickup

April 9, 2012

There was a television news story recently that told of a young single mother they called Marie (not her real name) who has a severe case of multiple sclerosis. Her condition has degenerated so quickly that she needs a nanny to care for her two small children.